"Sooo, This thing doesn't exactly Rip OR Tear, But, It does turn things into chunks."

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The BFG, Model 9000 is a now Rapidly-reproduced Heavy Artillery Weapon that uses a Much Healthier Energy Source than the bowels of hell. The Life Sphere gives these out very sparingly, For as powerful as they are, they are also remarkably dangerous for your allies as much for the enemies, As it launches projectiles as powerful as a Mortar Shell, Entirely with Plasma Energy. However, As a result, It's actual Ammunition is very Limited.

Based on a Weapon used by an Ancient Warrior who used it to lay waste to demons, the Life Sphere uses reliably powerful plasma energy to recreate it, Similar to the Energy Source Samus's Arm Cannon uses, To launch it's cannon fire. It is also noted to be extremely heavy-- So much so, Smaller characters will undoubtedly have issues wielding it reliably.

The Mass-produced BFG's are made from a Hard Iron cast and Mechanical form, As higher grade materials would be alot harder to frequently acquire.

Mechanical Use

"Powerful shooting weapon. This gun is capable of firing rounds of green plasma, and of charging shots that are automatically fired as a means of user safety. The gun has roughly 6 rounds of regular ammo (16%), and once it is empty, can be thrown to inflict damage (20%). Overcharging the BFG will cause it to explode and deal damage equivalent to an explosive item (20%)."


  • Series Origin: DOOM
  • On LI, The Actual Abbreviation to what 'BFG' Stands for is highly debated among it's inventors who have made it widely available as it is now. Some argue it stands for 'Ballistic Fierce Goodness', Some say 'Baneful Fiery Gorifier', But, Most Commonly...'Big Freakin' Gun'.
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