"It can be found on the floor or in Treasure Boxes and will protect you from back attacks."

The Back Shield is an Item that is Somewhat Divine in Nature. Based on and Manufactured by the Life Sphere's Defense Team's, The Back Shield Artificially replicates the Divine Defensiveness of the Item Palutena herself grants, And as a Result is Weaker, But far more common. The Divine Back Shield granted by an Actual deity is noted for having a more decorative and holy appearance and Glow.

It is made from a Durable Gold-colored Metal and a Purple Energizing Material as well, Which provides its Floating and Power effects. This Energizing Material is a Similar Power source as Samus's own Power Suit is Empowered by, a sort of Chozodian Magic that allows the Back shield to attach to the User.

The Markings across the Shield are designed with the most simple possible praise to Palutena, In a way to honor her for the original design to this item.

Mechanical Use

"The back shield is capable of taking 18% damage that would otherwise harm the user. It cannot, however, block attacks that target intelligence."

The Back Shield also remains behind your back at any given time-- Hence the Name, Back Shield. It Floats by itself, and will not move from the User's Back.


  • Series of Origin: Kid Icarus
  • Game of Origin: Kid Icarus Uprising
  • The Difference between the Artificial Back Shield and the Genuine Back Shield can be seen by the Difference of the SSB Version (Seen Above), And the Kid Icarus Uprising Version (Seen here.) Note the clearly defined wings, Holy Reflective Glow, Holy Light, And Darker Color's.
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