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"I've done nothing but teleport bread for three days."

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The 'Bread Monster' Is a Living Item trapped inside of a Glass Jar. Upon receiving it from the Life Sphere, It is Half-submerged inside of a bright green liquid that keeps it somewhat doped and unable to wriggle too much. Supposedly it's a form of Anesthetic. However, Once thrown or Opened up and unleashed upon a target, the Bread awakens and begins its assault on the first organic material it comes upon-- Primarily your target!

This Bread is created by an Outdated form of Teleportation Machine, Through a Process of simply putting the bread into the Teleportation Machine, And letting it warp back and forth from point A to Point B. The Technology of this form of Teleportation causes the Yeast in the bread to mutate into massive Tumors, And then, Into Teeth and eventually Ravenous Sentience. It's Mad, Horrible science, But it's effectiveness has lead the Life Sphere to continue to use it.

Mechanical Use

"The Bread Monster is a Living, breathing creature of insatiable hunger. Like a demented mix of Munchlax and Mr. Saturn, The Bread Monster in its container can be hurled at a target with a DEX check, To which the glass breaks, and it will Latch onto said Target, And crawl around in its clothes, Biting at each and every part of skin it can find! Every turn, it Bites for 3% Damage, Until thrown out by a STR Check to catch it. The STR Check must be higher than the initial DEX Throw Check.
Targets who are hit also suffer 2 turns worth of 'Soaked", Due to the Watery Contents inside."


  • Series Origin: Team Fortress
  • Game of Origin: Team Fortress 2