Charmy Bee is a character from the Sonic series and is played by Coolio/Coolsonic099/Cool/Mr. L. Charmy was originally made to complete the Chaotix trinity on the site, but Espio's player ended up leaving and not doing much with him other than lay down the backstory for Vector and Charmy. Charmy is Li's youngest PC at the age of 6.


Charmy Bee, being 6 years old, is pretty naieve and not very clever. He is constantly seen as annoying and a nuisance, though he is not aware of it. Charmy is a big fan of gardening and loves to have fun. He also has large respect for his boss, Vector and sees him and Shadow the Hedgehog as role models. In Li, he has also gained a loyal army of normal bees, which he sees as close friends. Charmy also seems to be tone deaf.


Charmy is a 'Tricky' character, having lots of defensive and annoying tricks, but is poor in variety of offensive techniques. Charmy has pretty high Dexterity, being second only to Tao in terms of PCs. His Strength and Constitution is above average and his Wisdom and Intelligence is average, but his conversational skills are quite bad and he is not intimidating, giving him poor charisma.

Charmy's main forms of offense is his Sting and Spin Jump, though they lack range. Charmy's Third Primary attack, Gust, allows him to use hard flaps to keep foes and projectiles away. His last Offensive attack is Drum Session, which allows him to pull off drum beats so bad it hurts, literally, and it is even more powerful when grouped up with Vector's Voice Attacks. Flower Warp allows Charmy to plant 2 Warp Flowers and freely warp between them. The flowers are special in that only Charmy knows the secret to ultilizing their warping ability. Thunder Shot allows Charmy to catch and throw physical objects against his opponents, whether they be his own items, his allies, his enemies, or things his enemies throw at them. Their power depends on the size and weight of the object, though it can always return to Charmy and has a chance to paralyze.

Charmy's Final Smash is original to Li. Charmy calls upon his army of friends of bees to attack, assualt, and annoy his foes. Due to their large numbers, speed and small size, they are immune to attacks. Due to their busy schedule, Charmy's Little Friends will leave after a certain amount of time passes.

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