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"...Promise me that you will come back alive."

Doctor Ciel (Smash Journal) is a fifteen-year-old superhuman girl debuting from the 2002 series Mega Man Zero, later showing up as a cameo and important lore figure in the sequel Mega Man ZX series. She is currently the head of the Starvia Cure Department of the Life Sphere, where she works to try and find a way to cure infected individuals without killing them.

She is currently played by Mari.


Ciel is a deeply thoughtful and caring individual who strives to make the world a better place using her superhuman intellect and the lessons she learned growing up under a totalitarian fascist regime. She is deeply maternal, and strives take care of others in spite of her age. She has created reploids that she considers to be and treats like her children, and has even gone so far as to adopt other humans of around her age. This is a reflection of the duality of her psyche, having matured much faster than other humans in some ways but lacking sorely in experience, having largely missed out on both her own childhood and having never been an adult. In this respect, she is unable to relate to other kids her age in many ways, and yet unable to relate to adults in others, a topic very close to her heart.

Ciel is somewhat down to earth, articulate and intelligent enough to discuss even the most outlandish theories or magic in terms most people would find palatable. In this regard, she gets along well with most authority figures and could be considered very charismatic. She is also open-minded, wildly altruistic, and rather conflict avoidant, it is quite difficult to accidentally make an enemy out of her. She is also usually at least somewhat willing to yield to the needs and desires of others, even at her own expense, and tends to carefully consider what will make others happy before what she personally wants. If a stranger came up to her and hugged her, she would probably not resist, even if she didn't want to be hugged.

A bit of a workaholic, Ciel tends to push herself to her physical limits trying to help people, staying up late and accepting most requests for help given to her if she's able to. It is not entirely uncommon to find her taking a nap at her desk. She actually has a hard time relaxing and doing 'kid things' because of her upbringing. She isn't good at sports. She can't enjoy video games unless she's playing them socially. She gets restless watching television unless she's already tired. She tends to ruin board games because of her intellect and doesn't enjoy them as a result. School is trivially inefficient for her compared to self-teaching. Her idea of fun tends to be light work.


Ciel is a relatively average human girl of mildly nerdy and petite composition. She has fair and pale skin, cobalt blue eyes, and long blonde hair with large bangs. She usually wears a dark violet bodysuit that helps protect her body, especially her sensitive skin, from the elements. Standing at 4'11 and weighing a meager 85 pounds, she is physically somewhat anemic, especially when it comes to upper body strength. She has a somewhat pear-shaped and relatively average body build, with most of her muscle development in her legs. Her appearance is mildly deceptive in that she is actually a bit less clumsy than you'd expect, her involvement with the war with Neo Arcadia having at least somewhat trained her reflexes and given her practice with at least some fighting, and given her at least a little bit of pain tolerance.


Mega Man X

Apparently one of Ciel's female ancestors, an unnamed character, was directly responsible for the creation of the Mother Elf, an important plot device that Mega Man X used to gain the power to subjugate reploidkind and end the Maverick Wars by finally ridding the world of the Sigma Virus. However, the Mother Elf was later stolen and corrupted by Dr. Weil, resulting in the Elf Wars, cataclysmic war characterized by combatants exploitation of cyber elves that resulted in the deaths of 90% of all reploid life on earth and 60% of all human life on earth.

Pre-Mega Man Zero

Ciel was born as the product of a Neo Arcadian government program that sought to breed humans with altered DNA for the purposes of creating better researchers and reploid engineers. Ciel turned out to be the only 'critical success' of the group, a superhuman prodigy who even at an extremely young age learned much faster than other humans--to the point where she could replicate and understand experiments just by watching them. This meant that when Mega Man X, the legendary hero and leader of Neo Arcadia, 'disappeared' for an indefinite span of time, she was called upon to try and replace him. Out of a fear that the public would not take the loss of their beloved leader well, they asked Ciel to create an impersonator. Thus, at the age of 9 years old, Ciel created Copy X. Copy X was the first supposedly perfect replication of X's designs since X's original discovery over a hundred years ago.

However, things went very wrong when an energy crisis later hit the post-apocolyptic society. This resulted in desperation and a rise in crime as people attempted to provide for themselves. Copy X, in turn, responded by beginning to have the offenders executed. This escalated as the energy crisis worsened, with Copy X beginning to execute basically any reploid that wasn't perfectly subservient to humanity and the government. Horrified by her creation's actions, Ciel fled to a ruined city from before the war with a bunch of other reploids and formed the resistance. She became a mother figure to many of the reploids there, most especially Alouette. As the fight to resist Neo Arcadia grew more and more desperate, Ciel began to search for a legendary reploid that most people didn't even believe existed anymore: Zero

Mega Man Zero

Ciel, now 14 years old, was the lone survivor of a mission to find Zero after Neo Arcadian forces ambushed them and gunned down the other resistance soldiers protecting her, one of whom was Milan who died protecting her from oncoming enemy fire. She did manage to find Zero, however, and with the willing sacrifice of her cyber elf friend Passy, resurrected him. Zero then rescued her, bringing her back to the Resistance Base.

Ciel then acted as an operator, aiding Zero in dismantling Neo Arcadia and assisting him with her tech savviness as he took down and killed Copy X, after which Zero was temporarily lost.

Mega Man Zero 2

After the fall of Copy X, Ciel and the resistance left their initial base and joined up with another opposition group standing against Neo Arcadia. Now that Copy X had been dealt with, Ciel dedicated herself to trying to solve the energy crisis and handed off leadership of the resistance to Elpizo. A year after Copy X's death, Zero found his way back to the resistance.

Elipzo lead a strike against Neo Arcadia in an effort to bring it to its knees in spite of Ciel's objections. This strike turned out to be a critical failure that resulted in the deaths of every member of his strike force except for himself. Driven mad by his failure, he abandoned the resistance and began to pursue the Dark Elf in a bid to destroy humanity. Ciel resumed command of the resistance as a result, aiding Zero as an operator in his bid to stop Elpizo, who successfully found the Dark Elf and used it to transform into a dark and powerful form. To free the Dark Elf, Elpizo wound up finding and killing the original Mega Man X, who had used his body to seal the Dark Elf away and was in stasis, unable to defend himself at the time. However, he was immediately defeated by Zero afterwards. The Dark Elf escaped into Neo Arcadia.

Mega Man Zero 3

Two months later, Ciel completed the Ciel System. The Ciel System was Ciel's attempt to solve the energy crisis using energy crystals and a small, non-lethal donation of energy from cyber elves. She then established communication with Neo Arcadia, offering them the energy in return for peace. However, Dr. Weil--recently returning from exile--ressurected Copy X and used him to assume de facto control of Neo Arcadia. Before they could negotiate for the Ciel System, he launched a missile containing Omega at a civilian sector of Neo Arcadia, killing many people in the process, to out and capture the Dark Elf. Dr. Weil and Copy X then contacted Ciel through the resistance, attempting to coercively 'negotiate' her surrender of the Ciel System. Ciel refused, however, seeing that Neo Arcadia not only had Copy X back, but was continuing its disregard for the value of reploid and now human life.

Ciel then acted as an operator leading the resistance, again leading Zero in his efforts to dismantle Neo Arcadia's leadership. Copy X was betrayed by Weil and killed during a battle with Zero. Zero was then able to successfully kill Omega with the help of the 4 guardians, who turned traitor in time to save him from Omega's wrath, however Weil escaped.

Mega Man Zero 4

Ciel established a mobile unit of the resistance, leaving behind the main base to engage in mobile operations with Zero, Alouette, and many of the other mainstay resistance members. This was in a bid to help round up human refugees fleeing Neo Arcadia, which had taken a turn for the worse with Dr. Weil's reign. They discover Area Zero at the impact site of the Eurasia Incident from Mega Man X5, where synthetic nature has begun to flourish once again thanks to the miraculous survival of an Environmental Control System from Eurasia.

Dr. Weil has constructed Ragnarok, a Eurasia esque space station equipped with an extremely powerful laser cannon that could be fired down at the planet to cause extensive damage to large areas at a time. He then threatened to use Ragnarok to destroy Area Zero. Ciel once again acted as the resistance leader and Zero's operator in a bid to stop him. However during the fight to stop him Craft, a refugee reploid, managed to usurp control of Ragnarok and went rogue, firing it at Neo Arcadia instead of Area Zero, causing over twenty million deaths. He then attempted fire a second time in an effort to fully wipe out Neo Arcadia, however Zero defeated him before he could. He then went on to defeat Weil, however Zero died in the resulting destruction of Ragnarok in Earth's atmosphere.

Crushed by Zero's death, Ciel went on to start a new life in Area Zero.

Future Events

These events take place after the point in time in which the Ciel played on Li is taken from. She does not remember them as a result.

Pre-Mega Man ZX

200 years later Ciel, apparently immortal and un-aging, formed The Guardians to respond to a new Maverick Outbreak and protect people. Alouette, sporting a new body and a name change to Prairie, was her co-commander. During her efforts to protect people from these maverick attacks, she discovered the existence of Model W and created the other biometals--with the exception of Model A and the possible exception of the anomalous Model O--to defeat it using Model W as a blueprint for their designs. However, she and her biometals went mysteriously missing afterwards and Prairie was forced to assume control of The Guardians.

Historical Achievements

Ciel is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Pokemon Storage System and Global Transmissions Systems on Li, which restored most of the functionality of pokeballs on Li. However, because Li is not a world where there is a clear and meaningful distinction between 'monster' and 'person', pokeballs on Li are able to (theoretically) capture any living organism of sufficient complexity. The functionality of preventing one from capturing another trainer's pokemon is maintained, however. Ciel is also responsible for the creation of Li's first public library, the largest library on the planet. She collects books and mechanically transcribes them into a digital format to be preserved for eternity, distributing them as holographic E-books for rental. Ciel is the author of the Grimoire of Enlightenment, a book attempting to catalogue and document the various forms of magic on Li and how they appear to function from a scientific perspective. Ciel is the only person in the Life Sphere capable of understanding and working with biometals, having become a de facto expert on them after discovering them. Ciel is also the foremost expert on reploids and robotics engineering. Ciel successfully developed a cure for the starvia. After years of research she was able to create a treatment with a reasonable success rate of reversing the damage starvia does to the bodies of its victims and keeping them alive while the starvia is purged.


Ciel has created quite a few reploids, either by upgrading older robots substantially past the point that the Theseus' Ship conundrum remains ambiguous or from scratch. They are listed below in chronological order starting with their model number, followed by their names, followed by their OOC monickers. DCN stands for Doctor Ciel Number

  • DCN-01, X (Copy X)
  • DCN-02, Roll (Doppelganger Roll)
  • DCN-03, Roll (Roll)
  • DCN-04, Rock (Mega Man)
  • MCN-05/DCN-05, Call (Call)

As well, Ciel has adopted several others.

  • DAN-003, Grey
  • Aile
  • Kairi
  • Alouette (Informally; Technically adopted into sisterhood)
  • Prairie (Unknowingly; Technically Alouette from the future)

And has informally agreed to take care of at least a few others.

  • Protoman
  • Zero

Combat Prowess

Ciel's Stats
Stat Discipline Points Modifier
Strength 2 -4
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 10 +0
Intelligence 20 +5
Wisdom 20 +5
Charisma 20 +5

Ciel is not a very strong combatant on her own merits, relying primarily upon technology to make up for her shortcomings. She is okay with a gun, and she is slightly tougher than her appearance suggests--but only slightly. However, the gadgets she produce can be very dangerous in the right circumstances and she can put up a fight if she needs to. Her cyber elves are perhaps the most dangerous part of her arsenal, invisible spirits packing reality-altering powers to turn the tables on opponents.


Ciel has obtained several mirage variants of biometals that she is capable of megamerging with to greatly increase her physical abilities at the cost of strain upon her mind and body, bestowing her with weapons reminiscent of those originally wielded by the reploids the biometals are based on. However, she is not physically strong enough to achieve a stable Double Megamerge like Vent and Aile. She currently possesses mirage variants of Model X and Model Z.


As a consequence of her superhuman ability to learn and understand things, Ciel has a rather impressive educational resume. Below is a list of every degree she holds. It is safe to assume this list will expand in the future.

Research Doctorates

  1. Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Doctor of Robotics
  3. Doctor of Science
  4. Doctor of Engineering
  5. Doctor of Medical Science

Professional Doctorates

  1. Doctor of Medicine
  2. Doctor of Robotics Engineering
  3. Doctor of Computer Science
  4. Doctor of Psychology


  1. Master of Roboethics
  2. Master of Bioethics
  3. Master of Health Science
  4. Master of Medical Science
  5. Master of Humanities
  6. Master of Physics


  • Ciel is actually a roleplayer, much like the person who plays her. This meta gag is justified by her nerdy disposition, relative avoidance of conflict compared to most characters, and desire to escape some of the more stressful aspects of her normal life. She does, however, generally hide her identity online, so this isn't something one can easily find out IC.
  • Ciel's usage of Model Z was inspired by the fan project Rockman Ciel. Her usage of Model X was similarly inspired, but took some artistic inspiration from the fan project Mega Man ZX: Genesis

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