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Coins are the Currently Major Currency used in the Life Sphere, Depicted as Small, One Inch Sized Coins that are almost Paper Thin, That are made of various 'False Metals' of the Life Sphere, to make them easier to produce, and easier to tell from a glance of what price they are. Coins also come in a very rare 'Smash Bill', That are Paper Slips adorned with Currency Markings.

Coins are not the Primary Currency on Li, As an overwhelming majority of shops on Li still prefer to use there universes specific methods of payment, such as Gil, Rupee's, Munny, So on and So Forth. However, a little under half of the majority of Business in the Life Sphere use Coins as there default currency, So no store will turn Coins down as an effective payment method, But many stores will turn down anything that isn't Coins.

The Life Sphere will gladly exchange any Currency of your world for there Equivalent Value in Coins at the Police Station, or other Goverment Ran Building, Or Bank, As methods of Conversion allows Former Currency methods to be transformed into more Coins. The Goal to have the entire life sphere running on one currency system is widely sought after.


Coins are manufactured in order to get the most out of the limited materials available, By crafting them out of 'False Metals'. By Crafting a Material Equivalent to Iron, Coins are stamped out at the same Size and Width, All of them 1 Inch in total circumference, and a 0.045 Inch Width rim. Coins are then Stained with a Colorizing Finish, Radiated through the entire coin to stain it this color inside and Out. The Colors they are stained in, are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, With Decorative Branding for each.

Other Old-world Currency's, Such as Munny or Gil, Are Re-converted into the False Iron by Degrading there Materials into a mass of the Iron. Currency's with Magical Properties, such as Rupee's, However, Are Reserved to be used as power sources for the Life Sphere.

A 'Smash Bill'

As well, very Rarely, a 'Smash Bill' May be Manufactured, Worth more than the Platinum Coin, These are very rare to come across, As only Ten or so are made on the manufacturing basis.

When Coins need to be created, Four Registered Life Sphere Citizens are chosen at random to come and oversee the Process, As the Coins are Created, along with a Life Sphere Leader to oversee the whole process. Usually, This Duty befalls Samus. This is to prevent Manufacturers to create Coins for there own purposes, or creating too many and oversaturating the fragile Economy of the Life Sphere.


Coin's have a Value that is directly comparable to Pokedollars. This was decided due to particular approval of how Widespread and workable the Pokedollar Currency method was to the world of Pokemon. Coins, as mentioned before, come in Four Types of Coloration, Each representing a higher value, as well as 'Bills'.

  • Copper Coins have the Value of 1 Coin. They are decorated with simple rings around the 'Smash' Symbol.
  • Silver Coins have the Value of 100 Coins. They are decorated with a Greek-style Wreath around the Smash Symbol.
  • Gold Coins have a Value of 500 Coins. They are Decorated with a Shield-like Emblem in its center, with a Ring of Stars surrounding it.
  • Platinum Coins have a Value of 1000 Coins. They are Decorated with Angelic Wings attached to a Smash Symbol dawned with a Crown, surrounded by the Latin Phrase, " Saeve Certando Pugnandoque * Splendor crescit *" in a ring shape.
  • Smash Bills have a Value of 10,000 Coins. They are Paper Bills made of a Sturdy, Untearable Material, Decorated with a Distant Image of the life sphere adorned in a Gold Paper like Form. On the Left Side, The Image of a Life Sphere Leader, or Iconic Hero to the Life Sphere, May be seen atop it. However, Life Sphere Heroes may decline there face be used for the Smash Bill should they wish.
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