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"This might be the only time I agree with Mario" - Bowser

Gang Wars Act 2: Gaining Power was a mission created by Mr. Game & Watch for his Gang Wars Arc. It is one of two missions in Act 2.


Player Characters

Vector the Crocodile


Non-Player Characters


Mission Briefing

“I should’ve known better! That generator was too easy to apprehend, that overgrown egg tricked me! My base of operations now has a hole in the side of it and Eggman keeps throwing wave after wave of his Egg-pawns at it! I’m sick of that turtle snickering at the sidelines while Robotnik’s destroying everything to my name.

I need a small group to confront that pest and get him contributing to this fight, he’s a part of it as much as me or Eggman he should be doing something besides sitting on his hands waiting for me to be annihilated! Your reward will be of the highest variety.”

-King K Rool


After a brief meeting with a kremling under K Rool’s command, Vector and Mari found themselves within Bowser’s territory, made evident by his obsession with keeping statues of himself lying around. It was not long until they were caught by a couple of Bowser’s sentries and a duo of Chain Chomplets were unleashed to deal with them.

Mari was ordered to distract them by Vector as he attempted to make contact with the criminals inside the facility via his walkie talkie on an open channel. His shot in the dark was a success and he was allowed entrance if only to talk. Unfortunately, it would mean that he had to leave his ally behind, but he did whatever it took to complete the mission he was sent on.

Vector got his audience with Bowser and was able to manipulate the Koopa King into spilling the beans on why he had been sitting on the sidelines as K Rool and Eggman fought. He was waiting for the two to tire each other out before making his move. Bowser cared little about the Gang Wars in itself, he was only interested in seeking revenge on Tabuu for his betrayal and to correct the mistake he made previously that ultimately caused the Starvia outbreak to begin with.

Vector took a liking to the words of Bowser and began to talk battle strategies with the Koopa in order to get the ball rolling and have the King Koopa back in the war.

Community Effect

This thread caused Bowser to join the fray in the Gang Wars

Due to the inactivity of everyone else involved in this thread, it was cut short in order to move future Gang Wars threads along.


Mission Log

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