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"Vector is so going to blame that on me, isn't he?" - Charmy

Gang Wars Act 3: Seeds of Destruction was a mission created by Mr. Game & Watch. It was one of three missions created for the third act in his Gang Wars arc.


Player Characters

Charmy the Bee


Vector the Crocodile

Non-Player Characters



Mission Briefing

"Spread the seeds of Bowser’s Piranha Plants around K Rool’s base to cripple his operations and assure that they reach full maturity for maximum results."

- Bowser Recruiter

"Sabotage Bowser’s plan and get on King K Rool’s good side."

- King K Rool Recruiter


The trio arrived at K Rool’s warehouse without much hassle. Once they were on the premises they were able to get the ball rolling. Bowser had given them Piranha Plant seeds to scatter around the warehouse in order to hinder their plans further and distract them as long as they could. The seeds were scattered, the task would be to give them enough time to grow and mature to do their jobs right.

K Rool didn’t let it go so easily. The first attack was thrown and Charmy got blindsided by a barrel of TNT by a hook handed croc, who was quickly joined by another dual wielding cutlasses. Eyeroc and Charmy were holding their own decently, so Vector retreated to comfort the plants and combat them against the swarms of Klaptraps that were sent to disrupt the growth of the weeds.

The fight soon came to a close as Eyeroc slammed its giant fists against Krook, who had a trench coat filled with explosives. Unfortunately, it caused them all to go off simultaneously as the croc cackled and destroyed them both for good measure, in addition to blowing a sizable hole in the roof of the Kremling compound.

Once the flowers were fully grown though, the final enemy was quickly reduced to plant chow. With a job well done, Vector and Charmy retrieved the trophy of their deceased ally and brought it back to the Lightweather Hospital for recovery.

Community Effect

It was the first mission to have more than one Chaotix member present

It severely crippled King K Rool's operations in the Life Sphere. Along with Act I and The Great Escape being failures in terms of his side, it meant that the Finale would be an incredibly uphill battle to win.


Mission Log

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