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"This goes without saying, but don't touch anything" - Officer Blewit

The Great Escape was a mission by Mr. Game & Watch in part of his Gang Wars Story Arc. This part is based between the cops and the Kremlings.


Player Characters


Black Mage

Non-Player Characters

Captain Falcon

Generic Kremlings


Officer Blewit

Sir Scalious the Third


Black Mage and Amaterasu signed up to prevent the Kremlings from breaking out their generals from prison confinement. Black Mage caught interest in Amaterasu by noticing her markings before Officer Blewit gave them a tour. There was a brief distraction by Police Captain Falcon busting his office door down and rushing for the elevator and causing a crash.

They were soon ambushed by Kremlings as Black Mage trapped himself, Ammy and some Kremlings behind an electric net. These Kremlings were provided by Officer Blewit knocking them down from the ceiling with a Mega Mushroom. It was a long and tough battle as the Kremlings were aces at dodging the heroes' attacks. After a long fight, the Kremling numbers began to dwindle with the help of a Kremling friend of Amaterasu's. But they were soon backed up by a titanic Kremling coming in with a drill. Fortunately, Captain Falcon came in from the ceiling to aide in the fight.

Black Mage weakened the Big Titan with Meteor, but not without the lost of Amaterasu. Black Mage's anger took him over to completely obliterate the Giant Kremling. Black Mage's desire to not die to the Kremlings after all that happened saved him from being crushed by the Trophy of the Giant Kroc. Captain Falcon commends Black Mage from the destruction he did to the Police HQ as well. Black Mage picked up Amaterasu and took her to the hospital, before he went home to rest after the big battle.

Community Effect

Black Mage's interest in Amaterasu began with this mission and got him to join Return of Sin.

Probably the biggest outcome from this mission, Kremling Luck. Mr. Game & Watch's rolls for the Kremlings were either 19 or 20s or absolute junk, usually 1s with no middle ground. This matter of luck with the Kremlings became an inside joke known as Kremling Luck.


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