"Mother... Claus.. I'm doing this for you..."

Lucas is a character from the Mother series, mostly known in the West as the Earthbound series. His origin

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game is from Mother 3 as the main protagonist. He's a counterpart of Ness (from Earthbound/Mother 2), and Ninten (Earthbound Beginnings/Mother).

After the events in Subspace Emissary, he decides to take a breather and stay in Tazmily Village for some time, taking time to build a stronger bond with his father and his friends. He arrived in Li after discovering a portal near his house. He hasn't been around Li for a long time, but he tries his best to make a couple new friends (... and enemies). He was first founded in Porky's Factory but he left immediately to avoid reminding himself of the horrible memories he had experienced.

Lucas is currently played by Katynyan.


Lucas is a timid boy who really can't approach people that well, but he tries to be confident as possible. The timidness and how much of a crybaby he is was because of his mother's tragic death when he was a young child. But, after he had a journey around his world and Subspace, he manages to try and be more confident, and aims to become stronger. He's not all shy and gloomy, he has his own share of humor and smiles to show he is alright.


Discipline Stat Pts. Mod.
STR 9 -1
DEX 15 +2
CON 11 0
INT 16 +3
WIS 11 0
CHA 8 -1

Lucas is a little weak in terms of STR and CHA, but his DEX and INT makes up for it. His CON and WIS are around average.

Lucas possess psychic energy, known as PSI. He realized his psychic abilities from one of the Magypsies. Although in canon he possess only PSI Love and PSI Flash, in Li he possessed PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, and PSI Thunder as well.

He knows a bit of martial arts as well, as he does roundhouse kicks when he didn't use his PSI powers. He also uses a stick similarly to a baseball bat.


  • Lucas' game, Mother 3, is the only game in the series to have not an official English release (Mother 2 has an official release in 1995, while Mother released as a Virtual Console in June 2015). But, Mother 3 has a fan translation which you can download here.
  • Lucas' name is truly based on the French pronunciation of the name - as denoted by the pronunciation of the original Japanese version, "Ryuka".
  • Lucas was originally supposed to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee to replace Ness, although due to Mother 3 being cancelled at the time, Ness stayed as a playable character.
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