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Sea Draco is a strange member of the Draco Tribe. Even members of her own tribe don't understand why she's like this and not like the other Dracos. Currently she is the manager and sole employee of a tea house that she made out of her old home. There she serves anyone that enters free of charge, although recently a friend of her's convinced her to at least put a Tip Jar up so that she can get some form of income from her career.

She is currently played by Alchefire


Sea Draco is, to put it bluntly, a clumsy mess. She gets flustered rather easily and tends to trip over her own two feet regularly. Resulting in quite a bit of slapstick that thankfully results in only her getting hurt. However despite this flaw, she's incredibly diligent. Doing everything in her power to cater to her customers and help her allies when she goes out on a mission. She also is quite the loving person, the dragon usually showing some form of affection to almost everyone she meets. Even going so far as to openly state that she "loves everyone".


Sea Draco doesn't have access to any of the magic that most of the people from her own world are capable of. Leaving her to resort to her more improvised fighting style which usually boils down to her throwing dishes at people and throwing her rather shapely bum around. She also has a variety of water based powers thanks to her unique Sea Dragon heritage, some of which she has yet to figure out. Thus far she's shown herself able to fire a stream of pressurized water from her mouth, much like how her fellow Dracos can unleash FIre. She's also learned to create water on her body and freeze it, letting her produce some decently strong Ice-based attacks

The Dragon girl is also slowly discovering the power of Love Magic, whether she's aware of it or not.  Currently she's been using it subconciously to create healing water from her body and to enchant her cooking to make it provide additional buffs and benefits. However who knows what it'll manifest as if she ever learns how to manipulate it consciously.

History on Li

Mirage Portal L: Super Smash Brothers: Sea Draco ended up arriving to the battle with Dharkon late. Her own fear having provented her from joining the battle until the very end. The dragon arriving and immediately seeing the Trophyfied version of her dear friend, Blue Vessel. The sight of their Trophy had terrified her. Making her feel increadibly guilty, the chef swearing to finally force herself to become stronger and braver in order to try and protect them in the future. Guardian Awakening: Omnivore vs the Soldier: One day while managing her resteraunt, Sea Draco was challenged to a duel by a man named Hanz Ohm. The strange german soldier having been sent to kill for a reason she didn't understand. He took a section of the Brightwing Lane hostage using his Astral Guardian to control the weather and charge his weapons with Electricity. Sea Draco managed to successfully knock him back, putting Ohm on the defensive until he procuded a bizarre arrow which promptly shot forward and pierced through her body, killing Sea Draco instantly. Sea Draco then found herself waking up in the domain of Kyuri. A god from another world who offered her a deal when she realized that she had perished in the battle. If she succeeded in his challenge then he would bring her back to life and grant her the power to finally beat Ohm. The challenge was to create a dish worth serving a god... in a kitchen stocked with nothing but a few scant pieces of seasoning. After a few moments of panic, Sea Draco came to a very drastic conclusion. She placed her tail on the cutting board and using the sharpest knife in the kitchen, severed her own tail to cook it for Kyuri. Upon completing the trial, Kyuri bestowed the dragon with her own Astral Guardian, Great Omnivore. Which she promptly used to defeat Ohm, who revealed that he had been controlled by another Guardian User. His death being the only thing that freed him. Sea Draco then promptly picked Ohm's body up and carried him to the Harvest Acres to give him a proper burial. Sea Draco swearing to defeat the man behind this entire conflict.

Astral Guardian: Great Omnivore

Great Omnivore preparing to attack

During a battle with a man named Hanz Ohm, Sea Draco was struck by a strange arrow. The item tore through her body, damaging her innards and killing her in a single flash. As her body hit the ground, she found herself waking up in a strange place. A shrine to a diety know as Kyuri.

The diety offered her power and another chance at life if she could succeed in his challenge. Upon doing so, Sea Draco was blessed with a power known as an Astral Guardian. A manifestation of the soul that held great power. For Sea Draco, this manifested as a new tail as she had cut her's off in order to serve it to Kyuri as a meal for her trial. At first glance it appears to be her normal tail, however at any given moment the head can form a seem which splits into a large, fleshy mouth. The teeth lining the edges of it are not actually made of bone, they're formed from ice that the tail gathers in it's maw. Great Omnivore's ability is to devour and assimilate almost anything. Sea Draco's tail tends to grow when her Guardian "wakes up" allowing it to more easily consume both living and non-living things. Objects/creatures devoured by Great Omnivore are transferred to a manipulated version of her stomach where it then proceeds to absorb them, adding their powers and abilities to Sea Draco's own. It can also place devoured thing in a pocket space seperate from the stomach, located near the base of the tail. This usually has the unfortunate implication of the object appearing to be stored in Sea Draco's rear, much to her own dismay.

Known Battles

No Sunshine Stadium battles have been recorded

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