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Shade is a character from the Pokemon series, originating in Pokemon Black/White. Shade was a member of the Shadow Triad, part of team Plasma as a group of ninja's. He is armed with Lilligant, Bisharp and Volcarona, along with the legendary trio Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadurus for his ultimate attack.


Shade has very little to no personality, as he hardly even appears at all in any thread. Mostly, its his pokemon that do any sort of activity on the fields. 

Abilities of Pokemon

Lilligant's highest stats are Charisma and Wisdom, with a average dexterity. This gives her very little in terms of combat, but makes her a more appealing pokemon. But, with this high charisma and wisdom she is more officially the healer of the team. She casts buffs, debuffs and can heal some charecters. She also can endure water type attacks well, and cant be confused in battle.

With high stats in Strength, Constitution and a average dexterity, Bisharp takes the form of the muscle of shade's team. He has pleanty of moves that deal damage, most of them taking the form of Dark Type moves. The blades on his gantlets serve for most of his primary attacks. Bisharp cant loose focus in battle and is immune to poisons on the body, such as poison mushrooms for example.

Shade's Current Team

And finally, Volcarona has the most all-around balanced stats, with a extremely high wisdom. Most of the sun god's moves are magic, and as such give it the status of a mage of some description for shade's team. Volcarona can also fly, which serves a great help in some threads. The more damages volcarona is, the stronger her special attacks are. Also, she has a severe weakness to kic-...Rocks.

In Shades ultimate attack, he sends out Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus to assault the area with Earthquakes, Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain. This move is massive, and deals remarkably high damage to foes and allies alike.

History on Li

Known Battles

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