A Group of Infected Primid's

Starvia is an Infectious Disease and Corruptive Element on Li, Which infects a majority of the entire planet, Making travel throughout the world dangerous and Threatening. It is the Primary Force that prevents the Life Sphere from Expansion or growing any larger, And is an Ever Looming Presence on Li.

The Life Sphere is the only known place on Li in which the Starvia has no existence, But even so much as a few feet past the walls of the life sphere, the Starvia can begin it's approach. It is a Toxin that can Possess and corrupt any Living Creature into an Animalistic Rage, Or Convert them into it's Hive mind, To accomplish Tasks by Mysterious Forces that can control it.

It is created from an Off-shoot of the 'Shadow Bug' Entities that Plagued the world during the Subspace Emissary, and seems to behave on similar Function to them, And Methods of corruption.

Effects of Infection

When a Target is Infected by the Starvia, The First signs of Infection are Intense Hallucination. The Starvia have a Unique Trait in being able to make the Infected see very specific traumatic experiences of there life, Or Visions that would have the most impact on breaking the Infected's Sanity. this is the First sign of Infection, And it is urged that upon this effect, One makes there way back to the Life Sphere for Curing immediately.

This is followed by a Terrible Dry Cough, Sore Throat, Vomitting of a Black Color, and Painful sickness across the Infected's whole body. Interestingly, Most of these effects are not actual Infections or any terrible Inflammation, Making it so pain relief medicines wont aid much, But are more the Starvia forcing Intense Swelling or Spasms across the Entities body to cause as much intense pain as possible. When cutting under these Spasming muscles, Pockets of Starva shadow Bugs can be seen inside, Growing and swelling like Tumors.

Following this, The Infected's Blood, Or Equal Life Force, begins to turn a Blackish Violet Color as it spreads across the user's body. This causes a Shut Down of Life Functions and Organs in the Higher stages of Infection, Causing the Worst pains of all, from Necrosis. If the Species of Infected know of a Worse method of Pain, Then the Starvia will Replicate That. This is the Latest that someone infected can begin to be Cured, as Anything after the fact is considered Incurable without directly killing the Infected.

All of these Sicknesses is in order to break down the Infected's Brain to a point that the starvia can enter inside, and take full corruptive control of the user's body. At this Point, The Infected Properly becomes an 'Infected', And are completely subservient to the Starvia. Dead, Or Trophified Entities may become infected Easily, as they can not provide any resistance whatsoever.

Infection becomes much more likely the further away from the Life Sphere one Travels. The Mushroom Ruins are considered the 'Safest' Area of Li to explore, as Infection chances are lower than most. The Most Dangerous, is Essence Extraction Point, In which simply walking into the Area infects all who enter, And can corrupt and fully infect those inside within Minuites. However, No matter where you are, The Infection will not stop until one begins the Curing Process.


Infected Ravio
The Infected are Entities Infected by Starvia, and are completely subservient to it. Infected can easily be told apart from Non-infected, Due to the fact there Skin and Body turn from either a Dark Purple, to Bright Pink hue in Color, With Glowing Red Eyes, And often possessing a Distinct Purple Aura.

Becoming an Infected causes any Inhibition's and Emotional Effects of the entity to be passed away, to allow the Infected person to Operate and attack at Full Power without holding back at all. The Starvia can use the Entities Memories and Magical Abilities as if they were Uninfected, Regardless of current status. There biggest weakness is considered there Lack of Mental Ability; As the Infected are Animalistic in nature. However, This does not always mean that attacking them mentally is a surefire method to win, As a Mentally strong infected is just as strong as they were Uninfected.

As well, Worth noting, Is that the Infection can cause Biological changes inside of those infected, To ensure they are always at maximum potential for fighting. As an example, Infected do not require sleep, food, or water, as the Infection simply makes it so these infected qualities arnt necessary, As well as making sure the Infected can maintain in certain 'forms' they are stronger in. A Prime Example would be an Infected Werewolf will always be in Werewolf Form, Regardless of Moonlight.

An Infected Bokoblin
Infected will work under Order's of the Starvia Hive Mind always, considering it to be there top priority. If they can not perform that Duty, or are given no tasks, They will always perform one of Three Set Tasks.
  1. Kill any and all entities.
  2. Infect all Entities.
  3. Corrupt the Land.


Curing the Starvia is a Tricky, and to most, an Impossible Task. Currently, The Head of Starvia Research and Cure Development is Doctor Ciel, Who is primarily working on developing a cure against the Starvia. As stated previously, Curing is thus far only possible before Total Infection. Curing is a Process that takes anywhere from a full 24 Hours at minimal infections, Or Several Week's at Maximum Infections.

It is important to maintain Pain Relief on Infected. Drinking Plenty of Fluids, Resting, and keeping up Hydration and Food can keep the Infection's damage minimal, and help the medication work to relive the Infection. As well, Maintaining a Strong Emotional Connection to the Infected, Such as giving them Positive reinforcement, Love, and Affection, seems to have a Strong ability in fighting back the Starvia.

While under Curing, Those Infected are Required to stay in the Lightweather Hospital, or the very few select locations that are staffed to Handle Infection. Infected may be surrounded by Armed Guards, Who are there to Protect other Citizens from the Infected, Encase Curing is Unsuccessful, and they become Fully Infected.

Infection Mutations

An Infected Fortitudo. This Infected was Roughly the size of the whole Life Sphere!
So far, Starvia is not noted to have intense Mutations to it's Virus Strand. However, It is noted that, in certain areas, Infected may become much stronger. For example, In the Essence Extraction Point, The Infected are noted as being Much, much, MUCH stronger than the Infected elsewhere on Li, As well as being much larger!
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