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This Wiki was made to give and explain most of everything that happens on the roleplay forum, Super Smash Bros.: Life Itself! Read about the characters, locations and missions and more!

What is Super Smash Bros. Life Itself?

Welcome, fellow warriors of the fray, to Super Smash Bros.: Life Itself! In this Smash roleplay site, the story is the most unique and profound. We are the original Super Smash Bros. roleplay site, and a dedicated community.

Years after the Subspace Emissary collapse, a mysterious explosion forced many lands from the Nintendo Universe to a single planet called Li. A mystical life force is said to be the cause of bringing everyone together into a trap of noxious gas known only as Starvia.

With the planet at stake and lead warriors, such as Mario and Sonic bickering, it is up to the new Smash Bros (and in some cases, Sisters) of Li to step up and change the world through their actions. Will you make the right choice?

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