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"Find the computer room!"

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History on Li

The mission they were sent on seemed like the ordinary variety. A sketchy and unnamed client paid them big bucks to collect something for them. It didn’t seem as though the client wanted them to part take in any illegal practices, on top of that their payload was enough for Vector to overlook the fact the boss wanted to remain unknown. Although, as he normally does, he kept his suspicions. 

After acquiring what the leader of the operation wanted however, things turned a bit unexpected even for the complex mind of Vector. From what evidence the lime crocodile could gather after the incident, the box was either a transportation device or it activated such a device. There were little clues and hints for him to fall back on, so he couldn’t delve deeper into such an investigation, but after being placed into a world like Li his curiosity stopped at how he got there and was born anew into what this place was and how it became such a way. He was transported to a place much further from the life sphere, a place void of most creatures. It was a curious location, so he left a land mark so that he could find again later after seeking for refuge. 

Vector was surprisingly the first of his comrades to find its location and wandered around town, interrogating every person, creature, or thing he passed. It was an interesting history this place had, most notably the point of essence where everyone was too afraid to go. Puzzled by this new world, Vector began to research everything he could about Li and let his other partners in crime help the refuge any way they could. Once satisfied with his findings, Vector opened shop again, running his detective agency from his shanty new apartment in the rainbow square. 

Known Battles

No Sunshine Stadium battles have been recorded


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