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Art by Duck-Roulette

"To Care for all, No matter where they begin or who they are-- That's the power of Witchcraft~!"

Peach Toadstool, Though to avoid confusion, Preferably referred to as Witch Peach is a Mysterious young woman of unknown age, Though she appears to be of Youthful age, Who is an Alternate Universe version of Princess Peach, Hailing from a World inside of a Story Book, known as the 'Fairy Tale Emissary', In which she is know as the infamous Witch of the Toadstool Woods, Who is also a noted Patron of Magic and Fae. On Li, She is a Smash Sister, Who seeks to help restore Li to a Lush land of Magic.


Witch Peach happens to follow many of the same physical traits as her Prime Counterpart, with Witch Peach having a Fair, Lush skin with glowing blue eyes, and a Similar parting of her bangs of her hair, along with a height of 6'2. However, Witch Peach also happens to have a bit of a 'Larger' Body set, Having more plump curves and a slightly round belly over Prime Peach, Though both happen to match in general Measurements.

Witch Peach is also well noted for having extremely long and massive hair, That covers her entire back, That is Luxuriously maintained, and incredibly wavy. It occasionally curls as well, and is sometimes done into large tails with pink bows.


Art by Miss-Mossball

Witch Peach's Personality matches her Prime Counterpart fairly equally as her physiology does. Witch Peach has a Naturally motherly disposition to those she deems as friends, and will often have a keen eye for respect between one another for those she had just met. She has a fairly social personality, despite what one may think of a girl who lived in the woods all her life, Often taking the first step to create conversation.

Witch Peach is also noted as being rather mischievous at any given moment, As most of her spells and abilities are centered around putting the target into a compromising or embarrassing situation for them, with a flair of cuteness as well to finalize such a punishment. She can often be a little more teasing and more comfortably joking than Peach as well, And not exactly holding manners too awfully high, Though she does practice them as best as she can.

Witch Peach has a natural fear of being alone, due to spending alot of her childhood without family or friends, And is always worried for her Children she had adopted. She has no respect for those who would harm Children, Nor those who treat Women and girls as lesser people, And not as partners in a bizarre world. Witch Peach is notably Panromantic, Having a belief that love is a Power that can be shared equally among everyone with Respect.

Witch Peach often believes that Magic is a source that drives the world forward, and most modern technology that does not use magic in someway often baffles her. Most of Witch Peach's Tools and Technologies are powered entirely by Magic, A Unique Familiar, or by Witchcraft.


In the Mushroom Kingdom's Library, Princess Peach owned a Book, named 'The Story of the Lonely Witch'. It was gifted to the Princess at a very young age, By an Unknown sender. The Book, was a simple book of Fairy tales, that told a simple tale. However, Shockingly, The Book itself, The Characters and worlds inside, were very similar to the world and friends of Princess Peach. The Story, Went as such;

Once upon a Time, There was a Young Girl, who lived a very lonely life. She had no home, No Parents, and no friends. One day, She walked into the Toadstool Woods, Where she got Lost. But then, A Woman in Silver Dress with Long, Hair that glew white, and all the colors of the rainbow, Came to her. This, was The Witch of the Toadstool Woods. The Witch of the Toadstool Woods, Seeing the sad little girl, Asked her if she wished to stay with her.  This Witch, was named Timpani.

The Lonely Young Girl, was Adopted, And became, a Lonely Young Witch. This Witch's name, was Peach.

Peach and Timpani lived in the woods, for many, many, many years. During this time, Peach learned all of the Magic of being a witch, And had become quite good at it. And then One day...Timpani Disappeared. The reason being, that Witch Peach, in her pursuit to make her mother happy, Had Bonded with a Wicked Spirit of the New Moon. The Shadow Queen.

By herself and All alone again, Peach roamed her Castle, All alone, Without anyone to talk to...But then, One day, She met a pair of Lonely Brothers. One was Short and Red, and the other, Tall and green. They were both, as lonely as she was, and much much much younger than she was to, Only being of Age 5 and Age 8, respectively. These...Were Mario and Luigi.

And so...Peach took care of the two brothers. She raised them, as a Witch does for the children lost in the woods. Mario and Luigi were Very happy...And Peach, was No longer lonely.

But this harmony would not last. Suddenly, The Army of the Koopa Kingdom invaded, as Peach, was suddenly Kidnapped! The Great King Bowser had invaded the Toadstool Woods, in order to  kidnap Peach, and force a resolution to her. Either marry him, and become his Queen, Or, Be Burned on the Stake...She chose to be burned.

However, Before this could happen, Mario and Luigi suddenly appeared, Mario dressed in a Wizard's Cloak, and Luigi in a Bard's Garb, Quickly saved there Mother, And Escaped, after beating Bowser in Combat!

This, is how Life would go for the Former Lonely Witch. Peach would be captured, or wrangled in some scheme by King Bowser, and being free'd by her many children, whom she had adopted. A Young farm girl in Daisy, Once a former member of the 'Wario Brothers' Team, whom ransacked the land and stole from everyone, in Waluigi, A Innocent Young Princess from the moon in Rosalina, and even Bowser's own child, Named Bowser Jr.

...She had never felt so Loved in her life, It was along with Peach that the Fairy Tale Book had went to Li, But had only just now been opened out of the Life Sphere Library, in which the Shadow Queen first emerged, only to be followed by the Real Witch Peach Herself.

Combat & Abilities

Stat Discipline Stat Modifier
Strength 10 +0
Dexterity 8 -1
Constitution 14 +2
Wisdom 14 +2
Intelligence 10 +0
Charisma 14 +2

All around, Witch Peach's physically quite a strong and capable girl, With a +2 in Most stats with a minor dip in her speed. However, Noting her ability in casting spells to disable and stop her opponents, as well as supporting her allies, she makes up for this lack of speed as a strong magical and physical force. As a Witch, Peach gains her magical power by having formed a Bond with a Wicken God, known as 'The Shadow Queen'. The Shadow Queen acts as the vessel and source of all of Witch Peaches Magic, Being the driving force and source of all of her spells, Familiars, and powers.

The Shadow Queen and Witch Peach

Etelle, The Fairy Leader

The Shadow Queen Grants Peach many different magical benefits, Such as;

  • Witch Peach has a Constant unbreakable Hammer space that is connected to her Hair and Dress, Allowing her to pull out any object owned by her from her hair, Under her dress, Under her hat, Or from simply thin air. She can send enemies to his hammer space as well. First hand accounts say that the Hammer space is hard to detail, Though it is noted as being very....Pink.
  • Witch Peach is granted Agelessness.
  • Witch Peach can Speak to Non-human creatures that do not speak a universal common language.
  • Her body is granted occasional cartoonish physics, Though this is only Mildly used in effects such as a slight growth in her body to make an attack hurt a little more, or her dress refusing to be blown up by air.
  • Witch Peach naturally creates her own Mana for spells, And does not run out easily.
  • Witch Peach's hair and dress acts as a Home for Fae and other Familiars

As well, Witch Peach practices a Combat style that is very unprofessional, that Utilizes Hugs, Hip checks, Dancing and other more Feminine Techniques to form a Mischievous and gleeful fighting style.

As well, Witch Peach can occasionally contact and summon the powers of other Wicked Gods, like Shadow Queen, to occasionally cast a spell of there's as well. Such Gods include 'Marx', 'Terminius', and 'Phantoon'. She also possesses an Enchanted Frying Pan, Known as the 'De-Evolution Frying Pan', Which can Turn foes Younger and weaker with just a smack!

She also has her Hat, Lollana, Which is a 'Pirahna Hat', A Species of Pirahna Plant that grows into a Giant Hat, Until it can live on its own by riding atop it's owners head. Lolana was grown personally by Peach, And possesses the ability to possess others.


  • Cutie Magic; Timpani's Witches Handbook is a Spell taught to her by her Mother, Timpani. The Witches Handbook is a Small tome that Peach keeps on her, That Peach can use to create a Wild, and Random spell with Unpredictable results, To fire a Blast of wild power.

Each spell used by Timpani's Witches Handbook comes in Three Parts;

Emotion, Determining Elemental Power ad coming in Five forms, Cold Shoulder, Jack-o-Lantern, Cutie-riffic, Confection and Noir

Method, Determining How the spell is cast, Whether the spell is cast as a massive whirlwind, A Blooming Flower, As a Musical Performance of Heart, Through an Emotional Wave, Or as an Enchantment on an Ancient Martial Art Technique of her own; The Peach Bomber

And lastly, The Potential, Determining its Damaging power. As Strong as a Cannon, As quick as a Thief, as Unpredictable as a Chaotic Storm, As slow-rising as a Wobble, or Empowered by Heart!

As a result, This spell has 125 Different possible combinations!

  • The Witches Kitchen The Ability to summon forth Various 'Familiar Empowered' Kitchen Utilities, That run off of the magical power of the Wicked Gods inside that they are named after. Including the Bonechills Icebox, Ouroboros Gravi-taffy, Morpha's Cauldron, Raikou Microwave, Pikmin Garden, or the infamous Coven Oven. These magical devices can expel AoE Damage to the field, But are also quite devious, in that being trapped inside one may turn into a particularly delish food!
  • Witch Shape The ability to Polymorph, Particularly into other Monsters.
  • Shadow Queen's Enchantment The Enchantment upon Witch Peaches dress allows her to absorb incoming magical attacks to redirect!
  • Marx Spark An Enchanted Laser that fires off all reserve spells that Witch Peach has stored, to stop those before her!

Witch Pact's

  • N/a



  • Witch Peach was made by Quote, Due to a desire to play Peach, or a Peach like character. The Idea was randomly thrown out by Quote during a MMZ Stream, and the idea stuck so much, he Drew Witch Peach's design immediately.
  • Witch Peach's Move set is Inspired by Peach, as well as the Witch Class of the Female Mage from Dungeon Fighter Online, as well as the Fae Warlock of D&D.